CAW's art page

How I charge

Because I'm frequently working on other things I don't have an hourly charge. Prices are based on my estimation of time taken. Usually I work to contract, but I may set up a PayPal system soon to take commissions entirely online, we'll see how it goes.

Remember! All my work is done by hand, on real paper with real materials. No computer rendering, instant lighting fixes, deleting little bits without starting over again, any of that. If you have a complicated order, please give me as many details as early as possible.

Prices are based on size, complexity/quality and rights. If it is larger, it costs more, if it is harder to do, it costs more. If you want the original and all rights over it, it costs a lot. Below is listed the kind of information that should help you pick what's best for what you want the piece for, with examples of past pricing.



Good for medium-sized pieces, not so great for publication with all the greyscaling, even at high resoloution. A lower-quality sketch, such as an illustration of an RPG or unpublished fiction character for reference, comes in at about $15 for an A5-sized drawing. Something of the same size like the Yearkeeper/at publication standard without background would be on the upper side of $30.


These take me twice as long as pencils, but they really do look good in print. Ideal as book illustrations, logos, etc. Pricing takes into account all the preliminary sketching and so on, because you have to be twice as sure what you want. A 'pen sketch', on A5 and backgroundless, would be a bit under $50. Something absoloutely beautiful, of the same size and without background, would be around $75. (Ink backgrounds are murderous and add about $20 onto whatever I was doing - it's a matter of getting both feel and contrast right with the resoloution)


At the low end of coloured stuff is pretty graphics for websites - c.$15 for a bonny little banner or logo (the latter potentially even less) and at the higher end is coloured illustration and poster graphics. They cost lots, and are very hard to estimate for. Something like the bunyip lady might go for $100. This is because coloured stuff is hard.

Tattoo design

I have designed several tattoos, and yes, they look good! Prices are roughly as for sketches, but please contact me and talk specifics - no piece of artwork needs to be more closely aligned with the individual than a tattoo.